Falcon Biography - 8175

July 11, 2008 Update

Unfortunately, we have lost satellite transmission from Falcon 8175. The last signal was received on June 24, 2008 from the Hillsboro, WV area.

March 20, 2008 Update

Falcon 8175 spent the winter south of Tallahassee, FL and started moving north on 3/17/2008. On 3/20/2008, this falcon was approximately 27 miles south of the WV border (near Speedwell, VA).

Falcon #8175 Biography

Falcon #8175 is a male from the Norris Bridge in Virginia. This falcon was removed from its bridge top nest and brought to New River Gorge on May 18th. Before being placed in the hack box, this falcon was uniquely marked using colored tape over the right leg band. Its leg bands were right = black and left = 95/S. Upon arrival at New River, this falcon was estimated to be approximately 40 days old. This falcon was released on June 4th was observed daily over the course of the next 52 days in the area surrounding the hack site. On July 20th, this young falcon was recaptured, fitted with a satellite transmitter, and re-released into the gorge. Since being fitted with the transmitter, this falcon has spent the majority of its time in Pennsylvania but has spent time in WV, MD, NY, VA, NC, SC, and GA.

Young falcon in hack box
A young falcon #8175 is located in the back of the hack box (note the black leg band)
Falcon 8175 being fitted with hood
Falcon #8175 (with a hood on) being fitted with a satellite transmitter

Take a look at the archived Tracking Map for Falcon # 8175.

Last updated: November 14, 2017

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