We Can Live With (Water Resource Education Curriculum)

ranger in school working with students

Program Description
This water resource education curriculum was developed through the cooperative efforts of the staff at New River Gorge National River and the eighth grade teachers at Summers County Middle School. It is designed for students in grades six through eight. The curriculum is a six-unit program focusing on current and critical issues related to water quality within the New River Watershed. A ranger presentation is conducted for each unit, preceded and followed by a series of pre- and post-visit activities. The pre- and post-visit activities are conducted in the classroom by the teachers and students during the remainder of the week.

Available to schools in:
Monroe, Raleigh & Summers counties

Grade Level:
6th – 8th (offered as a entire grade level program with all students participating)

Program Length:
1 day per week for eight weeks and a one day field trip to the park

Water is one of Earth's most valuable resources and is connected to all living and non-living things within the New River Watershed.

Instructional Objectives:

1. Explore the New River watershed, its water quality, and its aquatic environment

2. Identify ways we use water and how these uses potentially contribute to water pollution

3. Learn ways that everyone can help conserve and protect the water resources of the watershed in which we live

Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, Math, and Art

WV Content Standards met:
History/Social Sciences - SS.6.4.2, SS.6.4.4, SS.8.4.3, SS.8.4.4, SS.8.4.6, SS.8.4.9
English/Language Arts - RLA.6.2.2, RLA.6.2.6, RLA.6.2.7, RLA.6.2.21
RLA.7.2.1, RLA.7.2.4, RLA.7.2.5, RLA.8.2.2, RLA.8.2.5, RLA.8.2.6
Science/Technology - SC.6.2.1, SC.6.2.2, SC.6.2.3, SC.6.2.4, SC.6.2.5, SC.6.2.6, SC.6.2.7, SC.6.2.8, SC.6.2.9, SC.6.4.1, SC.6.4.3, SC.6.4.9, SC.6.6.1, SC.6.6.3
SC.7.2.1, SC.7.2.2, SC.7.2.3, SC.7.2.4, SC.7.2.5, SC.7.2.6, SC.7.2.7, SC.7.2.8, SC.7.2.9, SC.7.4.11, SC.7.4.12, SC.7.6.1, SC.7.6.3
SC.8.2.1, SC.8.2.2, SC.8.2.3, SC.8.2.4, SC.8.2.5, SC.8.2.6, SC.8.2.7, SC.8.2.8, SC.8.2.9, SC.8.4.1, SC.8.4.9, SC.8.4.25, SC.8.6.1, SC.8.6.3
Math - MA.6.1.6, MA.7.1.7 , MA.8.1.6
Creative and Visual Arts - VA.6.2.16, VA.7.2.16 , VA.8.2.3

Last updated: November 14, 2017

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