lumberjacks and their horses
Lumberjacks and horses

Program Description
Students focus on the historic lumber industry of the New River Gorge. Students understand the impact of the logging industry on the local and national economy. Through photographs, students visualize the virgin forest of the Gorge as well as the devastating effects on a natural resource following logging. Students walk through the recovering forest of today and learn through hands-on activities, demonstrations, and discussion.

Available at:

Glade Creek and Grandview

Grade Level:

4th – 6th

Program Length:

1.5 hours

Logging is a story of the depletion, recovery, and preservation of a renewable natural resource.

Instructional Objectives:

 Develop some understanding of what a virgin forest was like

 Stroll through a forest to identify trees cut for timber and learn what life in a lumber camp was like

 State ways to conserve and preserve our forest resources

Pre-visit activities are:

The Lorax, by Dr. Seuss
Logging Lingo

Post-visit activities are:
Trees for Lumber
Tree ID
Making Recycled Paper

History/Social Sciences

WV Content Standards met:

History/Social Sciences - SS.4.4.6, SS.WV.3.1, SS.WV.3.2, SS.WV.4.4, SS.WV.4.6, SS.WV.4.8, SS.WV.5.2, SS.WV.5.3, SS.5.3.5, SS5.4.9, SS.5.5.7

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