K-5th Environmental Education Curriculum

ranger in classroom with students

Program Description
This curriculum helps students in K-5th grade understand the importance of caring for and protecting the natural history and cultural heritage of New River Gorge National River and the National Park System as a whole.

Students interact with a park ranger during a one-hour classroom visit that features a series of participatory learning opportunities. Students associate a park ranger visit (and their visits to a park) with a fun learning experience. Kindergarten students learn about parks, First graders learn about habitats, second graders learn about adaptations, and third graders learn about ecosystems. The fourth grade topic is West Virginia heritage and the fifth grade is responsible action.

All classes and grade levels at the school participate in the program, with each presentation building on previous classroom visits. Curriculum materials and supplies are furnished by the park. The park Environmental Education Specialist contacts participating schools in advance to schedule program dates and times.

Available to schools in:

Fayette, Nicholas, Raleigh & Summers counties

Grade Level:
K – 5th (offered as a school wide program with all grades participating)

Program Length:
1 hour in each classroom

The National Park Service protects New River Gorge National River; park resources merit my protection and respect.

Instructional Objectives:

1. Explore nature's habitats, communities, and ecosystems as well as plant and animal interactions and adaptations

2. Learn about the people, places, and rich cultural heritage of the New River Gorge region

3. Discover ways to join the National Park Service in protecting the natural and cultural resources of national parks

Subject area:
Science (K-3), Social Studies (4-5)

WV Content Standards met:
Language arts - RLA.K.3.1, RLA.K.3.2, RLA.1.3.1, RLA.1.3.2, RLA.2.3.1, RLA.2.3.2, RLA.5.2.16, RLA.5.3.1, RLA.5.3.5

Science - SC.K.2.1, SC.K.2.2, SC.K.3.1, SC.K.4.1, SC.K.4.3, SC.1.2.1, SC.1.2.2, SC.1.3.1, SC.1.3.2, SC.1.4.2, SC.1.4.4, SC.2.2.1, SC.2.3.1, SC.2.3.2, SC.2.3.3, SC.2.4.2, SC.2.4.5, SC.2.6.2, SC.3.3.1, SC.3.3.2, SC.3.4.4, SC.3.6.3

Social Studies - SS.K.3.6, SS.3.4.6, SS.3.4.7, SS.4.4.3, SS.4.4.9, SS.4.5.2, SS.4.5.5, SS.4.5.6, SS.5.3.5, SS.5.4.11, SS.5.5.3, SS.5.5.4

Last updated: February 26, 2015

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