Habitats (on site)


Louise McLaughlin


Program Description
Students join a park ranger in an exploration of animal habitats. Students learn that the area where a living thing finds food, water, and shelter is its habitat. Students understand that all plants and animals depend on their habitat for survival and that parks protect habitats. Students take a hike in the woods in search of animal homes.

Available at:
Burnwood, Canyon Rim, Glade Creek, Grandview, Sandstone Falls, and Thurmond

Grade Level:
K - 3rd

Program Length:
1.5 hours

Background Material:

Habitats - Overview

A habitat is the place where a plant or animal lives (its home).

Instructional Objectives:

1. Define habitat

2. Name different habitats

3. List the four things (food, water, shelter, and living space) that habitats provide

Pre-visit activities:
The Four Elements of a Habitat
Keeping Habitats Clean
Forest Animals Habitat

Post-visit activities:
New River Habitats
City Mouse & Country Mouse
Habitat Cube Game

More Information:

Books to Share with Children
Additional Resources for Teachers


WV Content Standards met:
English/Language Arts - RLA.1.3.1, RLA.1.3.2
Science/Technology - SC.1.2.1, SC.1.2.2, SC.1.3.1, SC.1.3.2, SC.1.4.2, SC.1.4.4

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