Endangered Species in West Virginia

Program Description
Students play a game and watch a video to help them see and understand the ways that species become endangered.

Available to schools in:Greenbrier, Monroe, Raleigh & Summers counties

Grade Level: 4th – 6th

Program Length: 1 hour

We can lose the plants and animals around us if we aren't careful.

Instructional Objectives:

1. Identify how plants and animals become endangered

2. List three plants or animals that are listed as endangered in West Virginia

3. State two things he or she can do to keep a species from going extinct

Pre-visit activities are:
Post-visit activities are:


WV Content Standards met:

Science/Technology – SC.4.4.1, SC.4.4.3, SC.4.4.5, SC.5.5.3, SC.5.4.6, SC.5.4.7, SC.6.4.8, SC.6.4.9

Last updated: February 26, 2015

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