Camp Brookside Leasing Program Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I bring my dog to my overnight visit?

All pets, with the exception of service animals are not allowed on the Camp Brookside Island at any time.

Can I bring alcohol to my overnight visit?

Alcohol is allowed at Camp Brookside for overnight visitors. Alcohol can only be used for personal consumption and cannot be sold without the approval of a special use permit and/ or commercial use authorization. Public intoxication is a direct violation of state laws and anyone who is obviously intoxicated or under the influence of drugs will be subject to penalties thereof.

Can I sleep outside of the cabins?

Overnight visitors can only sleep within the designated cabins in which they have leased. They may not set up tents, hammocks, or sleep inside the mess hall. Some camping may be permitted as approved by the park superintendent.

Will my group be the only one at Camp Brookside?

The National Park Service will not book multiple groups at once for overnight visits. However, there may be public programs onsite during you stay. There may also be other visitors onsite, utilizing the public boat launch area or the public trail.

Can I bring my grill?

Outdoor cooking is not allowed at Camp Brookside at any time. A large griddle within the kitchen can accommodate your grilling needs. Outdoor grills cannot be brought to Camp Brookside and griddles cannot be placed over the fire pit.

Can I have a campfire during my overnight visit?

Campfires are allowed within the established fire pit as identified on the lease map. Fires cannot be lit inside the mess hall fireplace at any time. All camp fires must follow the following guidelines:
  • Fires may be lit only within the designated fire pit.
  • Lessee may not burn any material other than firewood, to include any of the following: household trash, including paper products- such as cardboard, boxes, etc., construction materials, wood pallets and other packaging materials, tires or other rubber products, insulation from copper wire and waste paints, waste oil or solvents.
  • Lessee may use a small amount of paper products to start camp fire.
  • Fire and fire wood must be contained within fire pit at all times. Fire wood exceeding the pit size is not to be burned.
  • Area encompassing no less than 20 feet around the fire pit must be clear and free of debris.
  • All fires must be extinguished fully with water and must be cool to the touch before being left unattended for any period of time.
  • Fires will not be extinguished with sand or soil at any time.
  • Lessee must have readily accessible a bucket to be provided by lessor to contain no less than five gallons of water. Lessee is responsible for filling water bucket and maintaining water bucket to be kept close proximity to the fire pit at all times that a camp fire is active.
  • Lessee must be familiar with closest spigot location identified on attached map.
  • Superintendent may suspend camp fire activities at any time due to an elevated fire danger or otherwise hazardous conditions.

Last updated: May 31, 2023

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