River Patrol

ranger in raft on the river

Job Title: River Patrol Assistant

Major Duties:

Volunteer(s) will assist the river patrol rangers with river operations. Individual(s) will help upkeep, maintain and shuttle river equipment; conduct group patrols on the water using motorized and oar operated raft, kayak, duckie, and canoe; and perform technical land and river based rescues. VIP performs technical search operations, provides emergency medical assistance and transport to sick and injured park visitors, contractors, and employees, and performs routine minor maintenance and clean-up of riverfront campsites, trails and other areas impacted by visitor activities. Individual(s) will provide information to visitors and river uses concerning the area’s natural and cultural history, recreational opportunities and safety issues.

Work Location:

Burnwood Ranger Station, New River Gorge National River

Work Environment:

The work is primarily performed outdoors. Work can involve exposure to hot and cold temperature extremes in combination with serious conditions of wetness. Individual (s) may be exposed to poisonous plants, reptiles and insects, and hazardous conditions encountered in river patrol and search and rescue.

Work Schedule:

8 - 16 hours per week, Work times will be set by supervisor, Saturday and Sunday, Seasonal


VIP shirt, name badge, and hat supplied by park, to be worn with jeans, pants, or short (not faded and without holes), and tennis or dress shoes when performing other than river patrol operations. For river patrols, basic river gear and clothing will be provided by the river operations supervisor.

Skills and qualifications needed:

Required: Volunteer must attend the NPS, NERI sponsored swift water rescue training. Must be able to competently paddle a variety of water crafts. Must be certified in first aid and CPR.
Previous experience paddling the New and Gauley rivers.


District ranger or river ranger

Last updated: November 20, 2017

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