hikers on a trail
Hikers on the trail.

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Major Duties:

Volunteer (s) will:

  1. Call the park’s trails supervisor or crew leader before each workday (304-465-2570)
  2. Help maintain, construct, repair, adopt, or patrol, park trails in an individual or group capacity.
  3. Clean/develop water bars and drainage systems of debris.
  4. Perform brushing or mowing (hand tools only)
  5. Remove windfalls or branches of 6-inch diameter or less (hand tools only)
  6. Perform duties of crew: blaze area, clear trees/brush etc. using hand tools and construct trail using chosen materials, promote Leave No Trace outdoor ethics.

Work Location:

Trails within New River Gorge National Par and Preserve, Gauley River National Recreation Area, or Bluestone National Scenic River

Work Environment:

Volunteer must be able to work outside in differing weather conditions and hike 2-3 miles per day. Trail terrain may be rugged and uneven. Volunteers will need gloves, trash bags, water, and personal hiking gear. Volunteers can provide their own tools or use the park’s cache of trail tools such as, Mcleod, Pulaski, and Shovel. Transportation to the work site will be provided by the volunteers) and not the park. Proper footwear (boots preferred) must be always worn.

Work Schedule:

2-8 hours per day


Dress appropriately-wear sturdy boots, long sleeve shirts, and work gloves. Dress for the weather. Jeans, pants, shorts, tennis shoes, and hats are permitted.

Skill and qualifications needed:

Required: Must be in good physical condition. Able to communicate and work with others. Ability to perform trail work. Ability to work safely with and around equipment and other people.

Desired:Knowledge of basic trail maintenance procedures. Knowledge of the park and park resources. (Needed training will be provided by park staff.)


Trails Foreman, Trail Maintenance Worker, or Volunteer Coordinator

For questions or comments about Adopt-A-Trail, contact Adrienne Jenkins, Volunteer Coordinator:
Phone: 304-465-2634

Last updated: February 23, 2024

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