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The prairie has always been a traditional gathering place for the nimíipuu (Nez Perce). Families come to dig for camas bulbs (an important staple in the nimíipuu diet) and socialize. It was here on September 20, 1805 that the nimíipuu met the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery for the first time.

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Wooden sign with words that say "Welcome to Weippe where the Nez Perce Indians met Lewis and Clark in 1805."
Welcome to Weippe

Getting to Weippe Prairie

Weippe Prairie is a swath of camas prairie trending northwest to southeast. The town of Weippe, Idaho, is situated within this swath along Idaho Highway 11. Click here for an interactive map of the Lewis and Clark Historic Trail providing more information and directions to the site.


  • Latitude/Longitude
    46°21'0.16"N 115°55'30.31"W

Driving to Weippe Prairie

From Weippe, Idaho, head southwest on N Main St toward Pierce St E/Idaho Highway 11 South. Approximately 3 miles southeast of the town of Weippe on Highway 11 South is the approximate location where Clark entered the prairie in 1805. A pullout with an interpretive sign marks this location.

Things to Do at Weippe Prairie

View and/or Harvest Camas

Weippe Prairie continues to be a traditional gathering place where Nez Perce families dig for camas bulbs. Please note, permission must be gained from landowners prior to harvesting camas. Camas flowers bloom here between May and June, and are a colorful sight not soon forgotten.

Learn about the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery

Two interpretive signs explain more about Lewis and Clark's arrival at Weippe Prairie and their relationship with the Nez Perce. The Weippe Discovery Center is an interpretive facility that shares insight on the Lewis and Clark expedition and the time they spent in Idaho.

Nearby Amenities

Weippe Prairie is located approximately 60 miles east of the Nez Perce National Historical Park's visitor center in Lapwai, Idaho where further information about its traditional use by the Nez Perce, its role in the Flight of 1877, and how the Nez Perce met the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery is all available.

In addition, the Idaho Department of Commerce has a trip planning website that will help you locate hotels, campgrounds, restaurants, and other amenities near the Weippe Priaire.

Fees, Permits, and Reservations

Recreational Activities

The general public does not need to pay entrance fees, make reservations, or obtain permits from the National Park Service for any recreational activities at Weippe Prairie.

A grassy meadow filled with pastel purple camas flowers.
Weippe Prairie History

This traditional root-gathering place for the Nez Perce was where Lewis and Clark first met the Nez Perce on September 20, 1805.

Last updated: December 29, 2022

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