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Camas Meadows is the location of the August 20th battle of the Nez Perce Flight of 1877. In an effort to slow General Oliver O. Howard down following the attack at Big Hole, a small group of Nez Perce warriors raided Howard's camp at night to steal horses and upset his advance.

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A metal silhouette of a Nez Perce warrior on horseback with the sunset in the background.
The Camas Meadows roadside pullout is 7 miles east of Kilgore, Idaho.

U.S.Forest Service / Roger Peterson

Getting to Camas Meadows

The Camas Meadows Battle Sites are located 32 miles east of Dubois, Idaho.


  • Latitude/Longitude:
    44° 25' 9.09"N 111° 47' 35.81"W

Driving to Camas Meadows

  • From US-20 at West Yellowstone drive west 26 miles to A-2 Clark County Road/Kilgore-Yale Road. Turn right and continue 21miles to A-2 Clark County Road/ Idmon Road. Take a slight left and continue 3 miles to the pullout at Camas Meadows.
  • From I-15 at Dubois, ID drive east on A-2 Clark County Rd/Kilgore Road for 25 miles to A-2 Clark County Rd/Idmon Road. Take a slight right and continue 7 miles to the pullout at Camas Meadows.

Nearby Airports:

  • The Idaho Falls Regional Airport is located 82 miles south of the Camas Meadows.
  • The Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport is located 140 miles north of the battlefield.

Nearby Bus Stations

  • A Greyhound Bus Station is located in Dubois, ID 32 miles west of the park

Public Transportation

Public transportation is not available; however, car rentals may be available in each of the nearby communities with airports.

Things to Do at Camas Meadows

Explore the Site

Camas Meadows is an affiliated site of the Nez Perce National Historical Park that is located on private property. It consists of two sites: General Oliver O. Howard’s Camp Calloway and Captain Randolph B. Norwood’s Encounter Site.

  • The location information above directs you to Captain Randolph B. Norwood’s encounter site, which has a road-side kiosk with interpretive panels and metal silhouettes of Nez Perce warriors that the public can enjoy. The remainder of the site is not accessible to the public. Please respect the land owner's property rights and do not venture beyond the road-side kiosks.
  • General Oliver O. Howard's Camp Calloway is located about three miles away from the encounter site, but is not accessible to the public. Please respect private property rights.

Nearby Amenities

  • At a rest stop on 1-15 at Dubois, Idaho, a historical marker titled "Nez Perce War" breifly summarizes the events of the 1877 war in this area.
  • Camas Meadows is located approximately 170 miles south of the Big Hole National Battlefield's visitor center where further information is available.
  • In addition, the Idaho Office of Tourism has a trip planning website that will help you locate hotels, campgrounds, restaurants, and other amenities near Camas Meadows.

Nez Perce Trail Auto Tour

The staff at the Nez Perce National Historic Trail have developed auto tours with travel instructions for retracing the route of the Nez Perce along with maps, graphics, and details about the confilct at sites you can see along the way. Download Auto Tour 5 for more details about the Nez Perce route after they left the Big Hole, the battle at Camas Meadows, and their route between the battle and Yellowstone.

Three silhouettes of Nez Perce warriors on horseback
Camas Meadows History

On August 20, 1877, the Nez Perce were able to steal more than 200 of the Army's pack horses and mules, halting the Army's advance.

Last updated: March 4, 2023

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