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Since time immemorial, the valleys, prairies, mountains, and plateaus of the inland northwest have been home to the Nimiipuu (Nez Perce) people. Extremely resilient, they survived the settling of the United States and adapted to a changed world. Nez Perce National Historical Park consists of 38 places important to the history and culture of the Nimiipuu. Explore these places. Learn their stories.

Tipi poles site in a field of purple blooming flowers with snow capped mountains in the distance.

Places to Go

Explore the array of sites that make up the Nez Perce National Historical Park.

Painting depicting soldiers and Nez Perce warriors in battle.

The Nez Perce Flight of 1877

In 1877, the non-treaty Nez Perce were forced on a 126-day journey that spanned over 1,170 miles and through four different states.

One painted and one non-painted tipi set up on fresh grass with hills and blue sky in background.

Events and Activities in 2021

Take a look at the events we have planned for 2021

Woman's dress made of two deer skins and decorated with glass beads, dentalium, thimbles, elk teeth,

Nez Perce Tribe Wetxuuwíitin Collection

This online museum exhibit commemorates the 25th anniversary of the return of historic Nez Perce artifacts.

A wooden Nez Perce Junior Ranger badge displayed on tree bark with areas of green moss.

Become a Junior Ranger

Learn about the park's Junior Ranger Program.

3 people standing in a river wearing chest waders and holding tools for river monitoring.

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