Stop 4: Double Bank

Historic black and white photo of the double bank building.

Stop 4: Double Bank

60 North Water Street,
New Bedford, MA 02740

A Temple of Finance

At the foot of William Street, you will find the Double Bank Building. North Water Street was the “Wall Street” of New Bedford in the 19th Century, bustling with merchants’ offices, insurance companies, and various other businesses. Placing the double bank building along this stretch was convenient to serve merchants, craftsman and those who worked for them. Designed by New England architect Russell Warren in the Greek Revival “temple” style, this building was completed in 1835. The portico is supported by 8 wooden columns and an interior wall which splits this “temple of finance” in half; the Mechanics Bank on the left, and the Merchants Bank on the right. The Mechanics Bank was the choice for craftsman and laborers, whereas the Merchants Bank served the more affluent business owners within the community. This building is symbolic of both parties, regardless of the financial disparities, being of equal importance to the industry. As the saying goes, you need both halves to make a whole!


Last updated: December 9, 2020

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