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National Mall and Memorial Parks (NAMA) administers over 1,000 acres in the heart of the nation’s capital. The park is responsible for the maintenance, preservation and interpretation of numerous sites and memorials, including the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Ford’s Theatre National Historic Site, Belmont-Paul Women’s National Equality Monument and more than 150 reservations, fountains, and statues. Three hundred staff members work closely with partner groups and volunteers to provide a welcome space for recreation, national celebrations, and civic engagement.

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Overview of the Museum Collections

NAMA curatorial staff manages eight distinct museum collections, containing over four million objects and archives. The collections are comprised of history objects, archeological artifacts, natural history specimens, documents and photographs. The Deringer used to assassinate President Lincoln, artifacts used during the construction of the Lincoln Memorial, and personal tributes left at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial are remarkable representations of the significance and diversity of the National Mall’s museum collections. The objects are exhibited in museums, made accessible to researchers, and provide endless opportunities for interpretation and education.

Belmont-Paul Women’s Equality National Monument (BEPA)
The BEPA museum collection is the National Mall’s newest collection. It is comprised of the house’s architectural fabric, lighting and archeology.

Ford’s Theatre National Historic Site Museum Collection (FOTH)
The FOTH museum collection contains over 8,400 objects related Abraham Lincoln’s political career, his assassination, the trial of the infamous conspirators, Lincoln’s legacy, and the Ford’s Theatre site.

Lightship Chesapeake Museum Collection (LICH)
The LICH museum collection includes navigational objects, signaling devices, correspondence and photographs associated with the Lightship Chesapeake, a ship that once served as a lighthouse. It is stationed in Baltimore, Maryland.

Lincoln Memorial Museum Collection (LIME)
The LIME museum collection is primarily comprised of artifacts that belonged to the workers who built the memorial. Objects include shoes, bottles, tools and hardware.

National Mall and Memorial Parks Museum Collection (NAMA)
The NAMA museum collection encompasses natural history specimens, archeological artifacts excavated on park land, and a large archival collection.

Thomas Jefferson Memorial Museum Collection (THJE)
The THJE museum collection includes objects related to the construction of the memorial and architectural elements.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Museum Collection (VIVE)
The VIVE museum collection is the park’s largest, containing over 230,000 objects left at the memorial as tributes to the fallen. It includes a selection of letters, poems, gear from Vietnam, signs, military medals, and personal items that once belonged to the soldiers whose names are on the Wall. The National Mall only preserves a small portion of what is left at the memorial.

Washington Monument Museum Collection (WAMO)
The WAMO museum collection includes architectural elements and Washington National Monument Society membership certificates and correspondence.

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