Decorated deer-shaped bag made featuring beadwork and made from two separate pices of hide.

cáwtıwaanın̉ wıspóolsam̉x̣

Nez Perce
ca. 1820 – 1840

Interpretive text from Nimiipuu Tribal Committee:
"Typical construction of two whole hides, as well additional pieces for 'fill in,' with the archetypal form of the dress that conforms to the natural shape and qualities of the animal which it came from. This dress is decorated with the typically undulating lines of decoration, in this case large "Russian" faceted beads in multiple rows. Retaining many of the original qualities of the animal which were used to construct these types of garments, was a significant feature of early hide clothing. Significant efforts to retain the original hair on the tail and forelegs and incorporating the natural shape and qualities of the animal, was intended to honor our commitment and relationship to the four-legged animals."

Hide, hemp, sinew, glass beads, teeth. H 133, L 133 cm
Nez Perce National Historical Park, NEPE 8757