Decorated deer-shaped bag made featuring beadwork and made from two separate pices of hide.


Nez Perce
ca. 1820 – 1840

Interpretive text from Nimiipuu Tribal Committee:
"The function of the crupper was to keep the saddle from sliding forward, especially when traversing a steep incline- which was often the case in the Plateau region. This particular crupper was decorated with very valued trade wool or 'Stroud,' which was transported many miles by ship, horseback and boat from its origin and manufacture in England. This would have been used during important events/ceremonies, such as the telik'liin 'horse procession' which memorialized and honored our ancestors.

Saddles and other horse 'tappings' were used in utilitarian manner, but the highly decorated more elaborate versions, were often used during ceremonies and honorings, such as the telek'líin or 'horse procession' to memorialize ancestors."

Bison hide, wool brass, tin, sinew, cotton. L 75 cm
Nez Perce National Historical Park, NEPE 8756