Pair of quillwork moccasins made from two pieces of hide, either caribou or moose. Quillwork design is a checkered weave of red, blue, and yellow quills.


ca. 1836

Interpretive text from Nimiipuu Tribal Committee:
"These moccasins are Woodlands/Great Lakes style, likely from the Cree who moved westward and were in contact with the Nimiipuu, historically. During the fur trade era, many of Algonquin peoples (Cree, Iroquois) were associated with the Hudson Bay Fur Co., and others who were involved in the western trade with many tribal nations."

Porcupine quill, sinew, wool, hide. H 11, W 11.5, L 28 cm
Nez Perce National Historical Park, NEPE 8740, 8741