Pair of beaded moccasins made from three separate pieces of hide. The recycled rawhide features geometric painted designs of green, yellow, and red.


Nez Perce
ca. 1830s – 1840s

Interpretive text from Nimiipuu Tribal Committee:
"Two piece moccasins, constructed utilizing rawhide cut from a 'isaap'tekey or parfleche for the soles. The uppers being made made from deer hide, originally the summer hides or 'red hides' were favored for constructing moccasins, because the ticks on the deer were believed to make the hide more durable. This pair is minimally decorated on the vamp with curvilinear design elements, rendered with glass trade beads."

Glass beads, sinew, wool, hide. L 28, W 11, D 9.5 cm
Nez Perce National Historical Park, NEPE 8738, 8739