Teardrop shaped child's cradleboard made from a wooden board and covered with brain tanned deerskin. Decorated with  glass beads, dentalium shells, and elk teeth.


Nez Perce
ca. 1846

Interpretive text from Nimiipuu Tribal Committee:
"This cradleboard is constructed with very valuable materials, including tradegoods, which were imported from various parts of Europe. In addition, important locally available materials of high value were used in the construction and decoration, such as elk ivories and dentalium. Cradleboards were a significant element in the formative years of an infant's development and these items were treasured heirlooms, that would be passed down from each generation."

Deer hide, sinew, glass beads, wood, elk teeth, shell. L 78, W 25, D 17 cm
Nez Perce National Historical Site, NEPE 33887