George Perkins Marsh
Frederick Billings Frederick Billings Julia Parmly Billings
Laurance Rockefeller Mary Rockefeller
Cathedral Rock, Yosemite Scenery in the Grand Tetons Autumn Landscape Lake George at Sunset
Sunset in the Yosemite Valley Golden October The Gathering Storm Niagara Falls
High Bridge, New York Mist in the Highlands Study, Harbor Island, Lake George Mount Hood from Sandy River
Shrewsbury River On the Trail in Idaho Study, Harbor Island, Lake George Albert Bierstadt - Cliff House & Bay of San Francisco
Mountainous Landscape On the Hudson Half Dome, Yosemite
The Matterhorn Tower by Moonlight Venice The Vail of Kenneth – England
On the Road to Biskra Arab Caravansery Canal in Cairo On the Nile
Egyptian Life
Dutch Pinkie Coming to Anchor Brittany Beach New York Harbor Boats Becalmed
Clam Gatherers
Library Mansion Mansion Parlor
Southeast Bedroom