Albert Bierstadt - Cathedral Rock, Yosemite Albert Bierstadt - Cliff House & Bay of San Francisco
William Bradford - Sunset in the Yosemite Valley
Alferd T. Bricher - Golden October
Frederic Bridgman - On the Road to Biskra
John W. Casilear - The Gathering Storm
Harry Chase - Dutch Pinkie Coming to Anchor
Thomas Cole - Tower by Moonlight
Jasper F. Cropsey - High Bridge, New York
William Parsons Winchester Dana - Brittany Beach
Asher B. Durand - Autumn
Charles T. Frere - Canal in Cairo Charles T. Frere - On the Nile
Sanford Gifford - Venice
James M. Hart - Mist in the Highlands
David Johnson - Study, Harbor Island, Lake George
John F. Kensett - Shrewsbury River William Kensett - Lake George at Sunset
William Kurtz - Frederick Billings
Robert Cranell Minor - The Vail of Kenneth – England
Edward Moran - Clam Gatherers Edward Moran - New York Harbor
Peter Moran - On the Trail in Idaho
Arthur Quartley - Boats Becalmed
George H. Smillie - Mountainous Landscape
Frank Waller - Egyptian Life
Carleton Watkins - Half Dome, Yosemite
Thomas Waterman Wood - Frederick Billings