Image of painting titled 'Ohi'a Lehua

Views of Paradise

"... We rejoice that (the artist), has become so charmed with the contemplation of the scenery, that he is endeavouring to transfer some of its beauties to the canvas..." Reverend S.C. Damon, Seaman's Chaplain of Honolulu, 1867

Tropical landscapes are among the rarest of American landscapes. Many plants and animal species found their way across the Pacific to produce a unique and complex Hawaiian ecosystem. Marshes, swamps, tropical forests and waterfalls, as well as coastal dunes and fiery volcanoes, have long been alluring to artists who sought to capture the spectacular and unfamiliar beauty of these special places. The endless beaches and shallow lagoons of glinting water, fertile lands bound by fronded palm trees, and unusual and vibrantly colored flora were inspirational.


Image of painting titled Mauna Kea

Image of painting titled (Lava Overflowing from Halema'uma'u onto the Floor of Kilauea Caldera)