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Adams National Historical Park collections relate to the Old House, the Adams Family Mansion, ca. 1730, the birthplace of two presidents; John Adams (1797–1801) and John Quincy Adams (1825–1829), and home to Congressman Charles Francis Adams and historian Henry Adams. Artwork in this gallery is by Sarah Apthorp, Godfrey N. Frankenstein, Samuel Malcolm, and Eliza Susan Quincy. Artists represented in the collection include Mather Brown, Alfred Quinton Collins, Chester Harding, Edward Harris, William Morris Hunt, Charles Bird King, Edward Marchant, Frank D. Millet, Charles Wilson Peale, Samuel Worchester Rouse, Edward Savage, Jane Stuart — after Gilbert Stuart, Frederick P. Vinton, William Edward West, William Joseph Williams, William Winstanley, Joseph Wood, and others.

Arlington House, the Robert E. Lee National Memorial collections relate to three of Virginia's most influential families; the Washingtons, Custises, and Lees. Artwork in in this gallery is by Benson J. Lossing, Elizabeth Moore Reid, and Martha (Markie) Custis Williams. Artists represented in the collection include George Washington Parke Custis, Mary Custis Lee, John Wollaston's portrait of Martha Washington hand-colored by Mrs. Robert E. Lee, Mathilde M. Leisenring, Margaret Loughborough, Charly Miyan, William D. Washington, William G. Williams, and others.

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