Discovering the Desert / Gaining Understanding

Speckled Rattlesnake (Crotalus michelli)

Honey Mesquite (Prosopis glandulosa)

Plantae, Anthophyta, Dicotyledoneae, Fabales, Fabaceae

Cahuilla: ily
Chemehuevi: 'Bpímp awpimp
Mojave: aya (the bean), analya (the tree); a-ya (fruit), a-nayl

Honey mesquite (Prosopis glandulosa) is a low growing tree or shrub native to the southwestern U.S. and Northern Mexico. Often found in desert oases or where water is close to the surface, honey mesquite produces beans that are highly regarded by traditionally associated Native communities as a flavorful traditional staple food.

H 42, W 29 cm
Joshua Tree National Park, JOTR 32305