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Chester Pinkham and unidentified man at camp

Freight Wagons at Lost Horse Wells


This photograph shows five freight wagon teams at the site of the main mining camp for the Lost Horse Mine, now Ryan Ranch. It is one of few records documenting workers of color in what would become the park. Handwritten notes with the photo list the names of the drivers, and identify the man wearing the white apron, on the right-hand side, as Jim, the Black cook.

Pictured L-R: Jim Irvine (Irwin?); Russ Favian, driver; Pete ?, Driver; Frank Brooks, Driver; Ben B. DeCrevecoeur, driver; Mr. Burns (on horseback), mine foreman; Jim ?, cook.

Historic photograph collection
Joshua Tree National Park, JOTR 20575 #1618

For a contemporary image of the area, see "View from the Lost Horse Mine."