Best Farm Slave Village: Archeology

The location of the L'Hermitage slave village was first identified in 2003 but only limited excavations were undertaken. A more focused investigation began 2010 and resulted in the discovery of six individual slave quarters as well as a number of associated features.

In order to get a sense of the site's archeological potential, shovel test pits (STPs) were excavated. The map below shows the grid of 183 STPs that were excavated. Starred locations indicate areas where archeologists found materials warranted further excavation.

Click on the starred STPs to see what was found.

STPs at Slave Village Site
Shovel Test Pits (STPs) were excavated at a 20 foot interval with areas of interest excavated at closer intervals. Starred STPs indicate areas that warranted more extensive investigation with excavation units (EUs). Click on the starred STPs to learn more.
  Location of Structure F - Hearth, and Midden  Location of Structure C - Hearth  Location of Structure D - Hearth and brick pit  Location of Structure E - Hearth  Location of Structure F - Hearth

Last updated: April 10, 2015

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