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image of red care rolled over accident next to road in desert. text on image reads Maximum Speed 55, 55 saves lives, arrive Alive from your trip Through Mojave National Preserve
55 Saves Live, Arrive Alive! Preserve Roads with dips and curves are HAZARDOUS at high speeds.

NPS / J. Meekins

WARNING: Mojave National Preserve Roads are not Designed for Speed!

Please drive carefully while in the preserve. Most paved roads have a speed limit of 55 MPH or below. Auto accidents are the leading cause of injury and death. Drivers who speed here can easily loose control, especially on the many dips and curves. We want to prevent deadly collisions with oncoming traffic, cars running off roads, and vehicle rollovers. Speeding also contributes to wildlife mortality and road-kill, including deaths to the iconic and threatened desert tortoise. ARRIVE ALIVE from your travels in Mojave National Preserve - 55 SAVES LIVES.
ReRouting of Mojave road: use Rasor, Interstate-15, and Kelbaker Road to bypass muddy impassible section of Mojave Road
MOJAVE ROAD 4WD ROUTE: As January 2022, Soda Dry Lake is impassible due to muddy conditions, please use detour to avoid hazardous conditions, and protect wilderness resources. NOTE: This detour does not affect motorists using paved roads to visit the Preserve.

NPS Cartography

Road Conditions - Updated January 3rd 2022

For roads and highways outiside the preserve, visit the Caltrans Highway Information center at Road Conditions ( or call (800)427-7623

Watch for potholes on all roads.
Please Obey Posted Speedlimts for your safety and to help keep the wildlife alive.

  • Mojave Road 4WD Route - IMPASSIBLE HAZARDOUS CONDITIONS at Soda Lake Crossing due to recent wet weather. Detour recommended via Rasor Road, I-15, and Kelbaker Road.

  • Black Canyon Road - OPEN, road surface rough with washboard

  • Essex Road - OPEN, watch for missing shoulder areas

  • Ivanpah Road - USE CAUTION, watch for road crews and heavy equipment Monday through Thursday 8 am to 5 pm see news release

  • Kelbaker Road - OPEN

  • Cedar Canyon - OPEN- four wheel drive, high clearance recommended due to washouts east of Black Canyon Road Intersection

  • Kelso-Cima Road - OPEN Obey 55 MPH speed limit- Dips in road bed are not designed for higher speeds

  • Cima Road - OPEN

  • Zzyzx Road - OPEN to day use only

    NOTE: Trespassing Prohibited around Buildings of Desert Studies Center without Prior arrangements. Visit CSU Fullerton Website for more information
  • Morningstar Mine Road - OPEN Please Obey Posted Speed Limits to Reduce Tortoise Mortailities

Logo with Mask; Text: Mask Required, wearing a face mask is required in this building regardless of Vaccination Status.
Please observe mask requirements posted for all indoor areas of the Preserve.

NPS Sign / Harpers Ferry Center

COVID-19 Response and Facility Status

The National Park Service and Mojave National Preserve is working service-wide with federal, state, and local public health authorities to closely monitor the COVID-19 pandemic. Based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and state and local public health authorities, access to Mojave National Preserve is as follows:

Hole-In-The-Wall Information Center (Friday - Monday 10 am to 4 pm), All Trails, Most Restrooms, All Roads, Mid Hills Campground, Hole-In-The-Wall Campground

NOTE: Masks are required inside all building regardless of vaccination status

Kelso Depot Visitor Center (Due to HVAC System Failure), Hole-In-The-Wall Restrooms (Alternatives available in nearby picnic area), Barstow Headquarters VIsitor Center

While the listed areas are accessible for visitors to enjoy, a return to full operations will continue to be phased, and services may be limited. When recreating, please follow local area health orders and recreate responsibly by keeping social distance, wearing a face covering when social distance cannot be maintained, avoiding high risk activities, and staying home if you feel sick.

The CDC has offered guidance to help people recreating in parks and open spaces prevent the spread of infectious diseases. We will continue to monitor all park functions to ensure that visitors adhere to CDC guidance for mitigating risks associated with the transmission of COVID-19 and take any additional steps necessary to protect public health.

Can I still get a National Park Cancelation Stamp, Park Map, or Junior Ranger Booklet?

  • All Passport to your national park stamps for Mojave National Preserve and Castle Mountains National Monument are available at the Hole-In-The-Wall Information Center. You can even download a PDF form and put in your desired date for the stamp remotely
  • Junior Ranger Programs can be downloaded and printed at home. Junior Ranger badges and books can also be obtained in person at Hole-In-The-Wall Information Center. This is subject to ranger staffing. In person materials are subject to change without notice.
  • You can write Mojave National Preserve e-mail us or call us at (760)252-6100 to obtain cancelation stamps, junior ranger books, and Junior Ranger Badges. Please leave us a postal mail address in your email or voicemail message to send the requested materials.

Are emergency services available?

Mojave National Preserve cooperates with internal and external emergency services, which can be contacted dialing 9-1-1

Are ranger walks and other ranger-led programs available?

Evening programs, ranger walks, and ranger talks are not currently available. Visitors are invited to learn more about the park by viewing one of our virtual presentations on our video channel.

Is the bookstore open?

The Mojave National Preserve bookstore is run by our nonprofit partner, the Western National Parks Association. Their bookstore is located within Kelso Depot, which is closed. Their online store is open while Kelso Depot remains closed. Search for "Mojave National Preserve" in their online bookstore

See the Directions Tab below for GPS Directions. The mailing address is for the administrative headquarters in Barstow, which is over an hour and a half away Mojave National Preserve's visitor areas.

Cities to use for your GPS to find Mojave National Preserve:

Kelso, California
Hole-in-the-Wall, California

Entrance Fees:


Fire Conditions at Mojave National Preserve

Check the Fire Conditions to see what is allowed or prohibited for campfires and other open flame activites.
FIreworks are always prohibited.

Current Weather Conditions


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Backcountry Road Conditions - Updated January 3, 2022

Warning: Many unimproved and bacgrountry roads in the Preserve require high clearance of 8" or more and 4-wheel drive. Road conditions can change quickly. Cell phone service is unreliable throughout most of Mojave National Preserve. Check with a Ranger for vehicle requirements and conditions on the specific roads you plan to travel before you leave the pavement.





2WD / 4WD High Clearance

2WD accessible to the lava tube from Kelbaker Road; beyond that 4x4 high clearance only. Rocky with washouts and heavy sand.


2WD / 4WD High Clearance

Road surface rough with washboard conditions. Watch for snow and ice during inclemt weather.


4WD High Clearance

Sandy with washouts.


4WD High Clearance

Very rough roads.


2WD / 4WD High Clearance

2WD to Rock Springs and past Black Canyon junction, but beyond that the road has sandy washes and 4WD high clearance is recommended.

If it’s graded and maintained after flooding events, this road could be two-wheel drive accessible. Although, there are sandy sections that a 2WD will get stuck in.


4WD High Clearance

All roads need 4WD and High Clerance.


4WD High Clearance

Beyond BLM boundary. Steep grades, impassable in sections.


4WD High Clearance

Sandy with deep washouts.


4WD High Clearance

Very rocky; no street tires.


4WD High Clearance

Sandy in spots.


4WD High Clearance

Rocky with washouts.


4WD High Clearance

Sandy with washouts.


4WD High Clearance

The dirt portion of Ivanpah Road is not normally accessible to 2WD unless it has been graded recently and there has been no flooding. Otherwise, the dirt area is impassible in areas for 2WD. The dirt area is very sandy and rocky.

Many of the 2WD that drive down the rocky portion, which is on the north side, end up with flat tires. Passenger vehicle street tires are not suitable.

One section of Ivanpah Road past Morning Star road is broken and full of large potholes.


2WD / 4WD High Clearance

2WD accessible to the camping area, then 4WD High Clearance required.


2WD / 4WD High Clearance

Potholes in pavement section. Sandy in the washes, but with no flooding a two-wheel drive could make it to the junction with Ivanpah. Use caution.


4WD High Clearance

Sandy and rocky.


4WD High Clearance

4WD and High Clearance the entire road. Soda Lake section IMPASSIBLE due to muddy conditions, detour via Rasor Road, I-15, and Kelbaker Road Recommended.


4WD High Clearance

West of Carothers Canyon, sandy and rocky with washouts.


2WD / 4WD High Clearance

2WD until you reach the ranch. Aftwards its 4WD and High Clearance beyond the ranch.


4WD High Clearance

Very rough on east side.


2WD / 4WD High Clearance

2WD accessible, but any roads off Walking Box Ranch Road are 4WD high clearance only.


4WD High Clearance

Sandy and rocky in parts.


4WD High Clearance

Sandy with washouts.

Last updated: January 6, 2022

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