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Joshua Tree along Cima Road
A kooky Joshua tree along Cima Road. Though about a quarter of the Joshua tree woodland burned in the August 2020 Dome Fire, many healthy specimens remain, and we are optimistic about the recovery of the ecosystem.

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Cima Dome & Joshua Tree Forest

Self-guiding trail, no water.

The near-perfect symmetry of Cima Dome rises 1,500 feet above the surrounding desert. Although the top of the dome is located west of Cima Road near the Teutonia Peak Trailhead, this unusual geologic feature is perhaps best seen from a distance. Try the view looking northwest from Cedar Canyon Road, 2.5 miles east of Kelso Cima Road.

About 25% of the Joshua Tree Forest at Cima Dome burned as part of the Dome Fire in August of 2020. Learn more here about the 2020 Cima Dome Fire.

Joshua trees and Juniper trees in foreground with sunset light on the Ivanpah Mountains in the background
Sunset over the Ivanpah Mountains near the Sunrise Rocks.

David Williams, NPS

Sunrise Rocks Region

The Sunrise Rocks are located only minutes across the street from the Teutonia Peak Trailhead. This area is popular for exploring and for undeveloped camping. Click here to learn more about undeveloped camping at Mojave National Preserve.

Last updated: May 7, 2021

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