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Date: September 3, 2014
Contact: Danette Woo, 760 252-6107

o  Grazing Management Plan and Environmental Assessment, Mojave National Preserve
o Cathodic Protection for Calnev Pipeline, Environmental Assessment
o Employee Housing at Kelso Administrative Area, Environmental Assessment
o Restore West Pond as Potential New Habitat for Mohave Tui Chub, Environmental Assessment

The National Park Service (NPS) is seeking public input for several planning efforts it has recently initiated. Each planning effort is distinct; all address management issues in Mojave National Preserve.

Grazing Management
The California Desert Protection Act of 1994 that created Mojave National Preserve stated, that "[t]he privilege of grazing domestic livestock on lands within the preserve shall continue to be exercised at no more than the current level, subject to applicable laws and National Park Service regulations" and that the acquisition of grazing base property would be a priority. All of the grazing allotments in the Preserve were retired except for Colton Hills, Gold Valley, Round Valley, and Clark Mountain. In the General Management Plan for Mojave National Preserve (2002), the NPS committed to a grazing management plan.An initial public scoping was conducted in 2002 for grazing management. In the ensuing 12 years, the NPS has been working with industry experts to develop an approach of adaptive management for livestock grazing. We are opening another scoping process to seek additional input from the public.For more information and to comment, go to:

Cathodic Protection for Calnev Pipeline
Calnev Pipeline, LLC operates two underground petroleum product pipelines that cross into Mojave National Preserve.These pipelines pre-date the 1994 California Desert Protection Act which established the Preserve.They also traverse wilderness designated by the same legislation.Calnev needs to install a cathodic protection system to prevent the pipelines from corroding.The NPS is considering several options for cathodic protection, each of which impacts wilderness.For more information and to comment, go to:

Employee Housing at Kelso
The NPS is in great need of employee housing to support field operations in Mojave National Preserve.Due to a scarcity of available rental or purchase property within the commuting area, the NPS has recently constructed employee rental housing near Cima Dome, and is planning to build additional rental housing for employees at the Kelso Housing Area. Public input is welcome to improve our planning efforts.For more information and to comment, go to:

West Pond Restoration for Mohave tui chub Habitat

The Mohave tui chub (Siphateles bicolor mohavensis) is a highly endangered fish native to the Mojave River ecosystem.The recovery plan for the chub describes the need for additional populations to promote species recovery.For this reason, the NPS would like to restore West Pond at Zzyzx to house a Mohave tui chub population, and improve the species' chances for survival. Public input is welcome to improve our planning efforts.For more information and to comment, go to:

Information about any or all of these projects, as well as input to the environmental assessment process, is sought.For more information, please contact Ms. Danette Woo at email: e-mail us,
tel: 760 252-6107.

Comments must be received no later than October 3, 2014. They can be directed to:
Mojave National Preserve
_______________________[add project title]
ATTENTION: Danette Woo
2701 Barstow Road
Barstow, CA 92311


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