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Minute Man National Historical Park holds a wealth of historical, cultural and literary resources spanning over 200 years of the Park's history. We continue to work with historians, archaeologists and many others to uncover and share new elements of the Park's story.

Hawthorne portrait - small
Nathaniel Hawthorne


Access groundbreaking scholarship on Patriots of Color, Mary Hartwell, and information about Daniel Chester French as well as information about Nathaniel Hawthorne, Louisa May Alcott, Abigail Alcott, Harriet Lothrop and Margaret Lothrop.
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Minute Man National Historical Park preserves the sites, structures and landscapes associated with the openning battle of the American Revolution, fought on the "ever memorable" 19th of April, 1775. Learn about some of the special places preserved within the park!
round musket ball made of lead, covered in brown clay, held in the palm of someone's hand.


Minute Man National Historical Park's museum collections include archaeological artifacts, both pre-contact and historic, and drawings for the Margaret Sidney books, including ones done by Childe Hassam, the American Impressionist. Also included are items that the Lothrop Family used while living in The Wayside.
Captain William Smith house
Captain William Smith House, circa 1692, Lincoln MA

Historic Structure Reports

Minute Man National Historical Park is home to a great wealth of historic sites, structures, and landscapes associated with the opening battle of the American Revolutionary War.
handwritten document in brown ink on light tan paper
Document certifying the delivery of musket cartridges to the army at Cambridge

American Antiquarian Society

April 19, 1775 Documents and Objects

Popular history of the events of April 19, 1775 paint a picture of the people of Massachusetts responding spontaneously to British soldiers invading the countryside to seize arms at Concord. Did the war really take the colonists by surprize? What preparations were being made to make sure the people were ready to meet the crisis?

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