Balcony House Virtual Tour

Two men work with cameras on tripods in a courtyard within an ancient stone masonry cliff dwelling village
CyArk Crew Working on 3D Model of Balcony House


In partnership with Mesa Verde National Park, CyArk documented Balcony House over two days in February 2017 using LiDAR and terrestrial photogrammetry. The two technologies were combined to generate a textured 3D model of the site which was then sliced to generate drawings.

The result is a new, immersive tour of Balcony House that is available for free through CyArk's online digital portal. Now you can discover Balcony House from your home with an interactive ranger-guided virtual tour.
A screenshot of a computer screen showing the CyArk virtual tour of Balcony House with a recorded tour by a ranger in the bottom right corner
CyArk Balcony House Virtual Tour


Last updated: September 22, 2021

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