Visiting the Boyhood Home

People standing on the front porch of a small, white house.
Visitors join a tour on the front porch of the President's childhood home.

The President lived here from the age of five until his high school graduation in 1924. The home is furnished in the early to mid-1920s period and as such depicts a rural Texas lifestyle of 100 years ago.

Books and baseball glove sit on a quilt-covered bed with a tall, wooden headboard.
A bed similar to the one shared by a young Lyndon Johnson and his brother Sam.

Boyhood Home Programs

Join park staff for a 30-minute program about the childhood home of our 36th president. Programs are available daily. Meet at the National Park Visitor Center in Johnson City at the following times:

  • 10:00 am
  • 11:00 am
  • 1:00 pm
  • 2:00 pm

In addition to these program times, the grounds of the nearly 2-acre property are open, and visitors can enjoy the home from the exterior porches.

Summer at the Boyhood Home - June, July, August

Summers in Texas can be very hot, and 1920s homes in Johnson City did not have air conditioning. Homes were constructed with features in an attempt to cool the interior as much as possible: porches to keep sun out, high ceilings to allow hot air to rise, and lots of windows and doors to allow cross breezes.

Because the Boyhood Home is restored to its 1920s appearance during the time Lyndon Johnson was a teenager, it does not have air conditioning.

During the summer months, tours of the Boyhood Home may be limited due to high interior temperatures. We recommend visitors come early in the morning when temperatures are cooler for a chance to take a Boyhood Home tour.


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