Texas White House First Floor Virtual Tour

As a boy, Lyndon Johnson knew the home of his Uncle Clarence and Aunt Frank Martin as "the big house on the river." In 1951 he took ownership of the house from his widowed aunt, and the expanding home and associated LBJ Ranch became a center of political activity for nearly 20 years. During the presidential years, the nation and world came to know the big house on the river as the Texas White House.

Today the majority of rooms have been restored to their appearance during the presidential years (1963-1968) while the master bedroom suites retain their appearance at the time of President and Mrs. Johnson's deaths (1973 and 2007, respectively).

Currently the Texas White House is not open for tours while the National Park Service completes an assessment of the structure—parts of which are over a century old—and prepares for an extensive rehabilitation of the home. However, this virtual tour will allow you to explore the first floor of the Texas White House and learn more about many of the objects on display.

Last updated: March 12, 2021

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