The Klein Maintenance Shop

Tools and heavy machinery fill a metal room with concrete floors. Tools and heavy machinery fill a metal room with concrete floors.

Left image
The Klein Shop circa 2007.

Right image
The Klein Shop in 2022

An older gentleman with thinning, gray hair wears a checkered jacket and squints behind his glasses.
Lawrence Klein

Photo courtesy of Klein family

The Klein Maintenance Shop once housed all the equipment needed for maintenance and repair projects on the LBJ Ranch. It was a place for ingenuity throughout the 26 years Lawrence Klein managed the LBJ Ranch maintenance operations. Over the years, the Klein Shop continued to house all types of machinery including, most recently, President Johnson’s collection of cars.

At the end of the day Sunday, April 3, the maintenance shop named after President Johnson’s “handy man” closed temporarily so that it can serve yet another purpose—a staging area during the construction phase of the Texas White House Complex rehabilitation project. The temporary closure of the Klein Shop is part of the park's commitment to preserving and protecting the buildings in the Texas White House Complex for a sustainable and enhanced visitor experience.

What's that you say? You weren't able to make your way to the LBJ Ranch to check out President Johnson’s car collection before the Klein Shop closed? No worries! During the closure of the Klein Shop, check out this video tour to see President Johnson’s vehicles, from his Lincoln Continentals to his prank-ready Amphicar!


Last updated: April 5, 2022

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