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The Scout Ranger program is an official scout program in partnership with the Boy Scouts of America and Girl Scouts USA.

Why become a Scout Ranger?
Being a Scout Ranger allows you to discover and explore your national parks. Whether you are visiting a historical site like Lowell National Historical Park or a natural park like Yellowstone National Park, we hope you will learn something about the national parks and yourself! Participants in the Scout Ranger program can earn a certificate or a patch.

As a Scout Ranger you will:
- Learn about the mission of the National Park Service.
- Help protect the nation's natural, cultural, historic resources.
- Explore and learn about your national parks.
- Achieve unique recognition from the National Park Service.

How to Earn a Patch:
1) Participate in activities for a minimum of ten (10) hours at Lowell or other national parks.
2) Activities can include viewing park films, attending ranger-led tours, exploring park exhibits/buildings, reading about the park, taking photos in the park, service projects, etc.
3) Scouts will be awarded a patch by bringing their completed activity sheet and speaking with a ranger at the Visitor Center (246 Market St) or the Boott Cotton Mill Museum (115 John St).
4) Please download and use the activity sheet to track your hours and activities.

How to Earn a Certificate:
1) Identical to patch requirements above, except scouts are only required to participate in five (5) hours of qualifying activities in the Park(s).
2) Certificates are provided via the honor system and can be downloaded and printed. Boy Scout Certificate and Girl Scout Certificate. Scouts should talk with a Scout leader or parent before signing the certificate.

Further Information
You can contact us (optional) and let us know you are interested in the Scout Ranger Program at Lowell National Historical Park. We will answer questions and provide further information to help you work toward the patch or certificate.

Girl Scouts 19th Amendment Patch for the National Park Service
The NPS Girl Scouts 19th Amendment Patch


Girl Scout Rangers & the 19th Amendment

The National Park Service and Girl Scouts of the USA are commemorating the centennial of the ratification of the 19th Amendment with a limited-edition commemorative patch, activity guide, activity log, certificate and special awards. The Girl Scout Ranger 19th Amendment Patch Program will enhance Girl Scouts’ understanding of the significance of the 19th Amendment which removed the gender restriction to voting and granted many women the right to vote. Celebrate the advances that resulted from the suffrage movement and key historical figures who were involved.

The 19th Amendment was a significant step for women’s civil rights in our country, but there were still many women, including women of color, who were discriminated against and denied access to the ballot. This patch program encourages girls to explore the history of women’s suffrage, the 19th Amendment, and how important it is to participate in our nation’s civic conversations.

Learn more about how you can earn a patch.

At Lowell National Historical Park, we recommend:

  • Checking out the Women 's Activism Exhibit.

  • Watching a video on a Lowell woman who has worked to make positive change in the city.

  • Exploring the Women’s Activism Walking Tour on the Lowell NPS App.

When you’re done, contact us to get your badge!

Tell NPS and GSUSA what you did!

  • Encourage girls to share their experience at NPS sites by sending an email with photos to

  • Post photos of your park experiences on Girl Scouts’ national website by using #gsoutdoors and #FindYourPark in your Facebook and Twitter posts!

  • Girls should also submit any Take Action projects completed at NPS sites to GSUSA’s sites to develop Take Action projects back in their communities. This is an especially great option when visiting smaller parks that don’t have need for girls’ projects onsite or parks that are far from girls’ hometowns. For some inspiration, check out the Take Action projects Girl Scouts are doing around the country.

Interested in opportunities for youth to learn more about women’s history? Visit the NPS Women’s History for Kids page!

Last updated: October 20, 2020

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