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The National Park Service provides many fun and educational resources for kids. Explore some of the activities related to women’s history.

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The Magic Sash

A journey back in time...Lottie and Isaiah, two very modern 5th graders, meet heroes of the movement for women’s right to vote. (Podcast)

Bronze statues of Frederick Douglass and suffragists. NPS photo
Activities from Women's Rights

Discover more suffrage-related activities from Women's Rights National Historical Park.

Image of young girls holding banners for suffrage. From cover of Junior Suffragist book
Activities from Belmont-Paul

Learn about Belmont-Paul Women’s Equality National Monument and the courageous women who fought for our rights to participate in civic life.

Image of a paper cat hand-colored. NPS photo.
Suffrage Cat and Women's Suffrage

Activity Page: Learn about and design your own Suffrage Cat!

image of the Massachusetts Woman's Suffrage Bluebird, blue and gold, from the NMAH
The Woman's Suffrage Bluebird

Activity Page: Learn about and color a woman's suffrage bluebird from the 1915 vote in Massachusetts.

Star made of feathers, on display at Belmont-Paul National Monument. Photo by Megan Springate.
Design Your Own Ratification Star

The National Woman's Party sewed a star each time a state voted in favor of the 19th Amendment. Create your own suffrage star!

Graphic of a ranger silhouette against names of suffragists
Suffragist Word Search

Find the names of 20 suffragists in this word search puzzle. You probably know some of them, but we bet you won't have heard of all of them!

Image of coloring-book page of Susan B. Anthony's house.
Coloring Page: Susan B. Anthony House

Express your creative side and color Susan B. Anthony's House.

Photo of the junior ranger/junior suffrage badge from Belmont Paul Women's Equality in DC
Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Complete this virtual scavenger hunt and become a Junior Suffragist!

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Last updated: January 5, 2021


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