Lowell and the American Industrial Revolution would not exist if not for the consistent efforts of capitalists, mill workers, activists and other influential figures. Explore some of their stories below!
  • Two women work at a power loom
    The Mill Girls

    The first labor force in Lowell's mills

  • A dining room full of plates, tables, chairs and silverware
    The Boardinghouse Keeper

    The woman who took care of and watched the workers during their time off

  • a woman sitting in a chair with a book in her lap
    Lucy Larcom

    Once a mill girl, she would go on to become a respected author writing about her experiences in Lowell

  • A silouette of a woman in a frame
    Sarah Bagley

    A mill girl, labor activist, author and leader

  • Two women standing side by side
    Women's History in Lowell

    If you are interested in learning more about the women workers and activists of Lowell, we have a number of resources gathered together

  • A photo of a man facing to the forward right
    Kirk Boott

    One of the men instrumental in designing Lowell and its power systems, this controversial figure made Lowell look the way it does today

  • A man looking forward and right with text below reading James B Francis
    James B. Francis

    An engineer essential in running and expanding Lowell's water power prowess

  • A man in a suit and bowtie facing forward and left
    Nathan Appleton

    One of Lowell's first investors whose experience ranged from politics to economics

  • Man in suit facing forward and left
    Patrick Tracy Jackson

    An influential figure in local politics and economics, Jackson greatly impacted how Lowell's early development played out

  • Man in suit faces forward and right
    Abbott Lawrence

    Investing in Lowell, he would go on to try his hand in politics and become a founder of Lawrence's textile industry

  • Man facing to the left in black and white photo
    Jack Kerouac

    A respected author from the Beat Generation who grew up in Lowell

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