Chesapeake Gateways Grants & Assistance

Several young people wearing lifejackets and carrying canoe paddles.

National Park Trust 2017

NPS Chesapeake Gateways provides technical assistance through staff expertise to aid the managers and partners of Chesapeake places and other partners in conserving, restoring, interpreting, and providing access to cultural, natural, and recreational resources within the watershed. In addition, NPS Chesapeake Gateways also provides financial assistance, including through the Gateways Grants, for these same purposes. Over 25 years, NPS has provided $26 million in financial assistance through nearly 400 projects in scores of communities.

  • A kayak launch runs next to a set of stairs leading to water.
    Chesapeake Gateways Grants

    Gateways Grants support efforts throughout the watershed. Learn how a Gateways Grant can help your organization accomplish its mission.

  • A group of kayakers gather to talk while on the water.
    Technical Assistance Program

    Chesapeake Gateways network members can request technical support in a variety of forms.

  • A small trail marker along a trail through the woods.
    Financial Assistance Program

    NPS Chesapeake Gateways enters into cooperative agreements to achieve specific goals and objectives in partnership with other organizations.

Last updated: June 30, 2023