Financial Assistance

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For 25 years, NPS Chesapeake Gateways has provided financial assistance to partners throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed. We are currently focused on awarding Chesapeake Gateways Grants [URL: Chesapeake/grants.htm]. However, we’re also working on identifying other ways Chesapeake Gateways can provide financial assistance. We will update this page once more information is available.Our focus has been outlined in the 2022 Chesapeake Gateways Strategic Plan [Uploaded Document: Strategic Plan]:

  • We will provide financial assistance, beyond Chesapeake Gateways Grants, to advance core network initiatives and for supporting projects that implement Gateways goals.
  • We will provide priority financial assistance for Chesapeake Gateway partners, including resources and tools on best practices, techniques to enhance equity and inclusivity, a cross-network mentor program and customizable templates of interpretive and communications content.
  • We will leverage Chesapeake Gateways financial assistance to provide support for underrepresented communities and capacity building for organizations led by and serving underrepresented communities.
  • We will provide financial assistance for developing inclusive interpretation, programming, and experiences at Chesapeake Gateways for underrepresented communities.

Last updated: June 29, 2023