History & Culture

Celebrating Alaska’s History and Cultures

For generations people have looked to Alaska as a great land of rich wilderness, with hope for financial opportunities, the thrill of new adventures, and as the home of their cultural roots. The National Park Service is dedicated to documenting these stories and places that represent American history in Alaska’s national parklands and across the state.
black and white historical photo of a women standing near a bus

Read the stories of some of the people that have shaped Alaska's history.

a line of hikers in the snow during the klondike gold rush
Economic Discovery & Innovation

Striking gold changed the history of Alaska forever. Learn about the trails, boomtowns, and stories of these places.

An archaeological excavation unit, a trowel on the ground, and the ocean and islets on the horizon.
History & Culture Community Assistance

Find out how Alaska NPS helps protect and preserve your history and culture.

An archaeological dig in progress.
Archaeological Research

Learn more about archaeological research in Alaska.

A drawing of stratigraphy seen from the inside of an archaeological excavation.
Alaska NPS Culture & History Reports

View and access reports on history, archaeology, and Alaska Native life.

A handmade wooden chair at the R. L. Proenneke National Register of Historic Places property
Our Place on the Landscape

Read Alaska's Cultural Landscape Studies.

Last updated: November 22, 2022