Compendiums for Alaska

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What is a compendium?

A compendium is a written compilation of designations, closures, permit requirements and other authorizations and restrictions adopted under discretionary authority found in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). Regulations for national parks are in 36 CFR and 43 CFR. For example, 36 CFR Section 2.21 (a) states, "The superintendent may designate a portion of a park area, or all or a portion of a building, structure or facility as closed to smoking when necessary to protect park resources, reduce the risk of fire, or prevent conflicts among visitor use activities." This designation is placed into the park's compendium.

Compendiums have always been a tool to help manage Alaska's national parks. The compendium, as part of the park-related regulations, helps provide for the enjoyment, use and protection of our national parks.

Why is there a need for public involvement?

Public involvement improves the compendium development process by giving the National Park Service (NPS) the opportunity to be responsive to the public's ideas and concerns, to involve the public cooperatively in generating alternatives and to educate the public about the compendium. The result is a better compendium that benefits both the park and the various publics that use the park.

How often is a compendium revised?

A compendium is reviewed at least annually to determine if updates are necessary. Depending on events and issues, it may be updated more frequently. In some cases, a review may indicate that no changes are needed.

When is the compendium period open?


For 2019, only Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve is proposing changes. Info on the changes and how to comment can be found at 2019 GLBA Proposed Changes.

The comment period for Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve was open from February 25, 2019 to March 28*, 2019 - to 10:00 pm Alaska Standard Time. It is now closed.
*The commenting period was extended three additional days to accommodate for scheduled maintenance of the web-based commenting system.

Are the parks' current compendiums available?

Current park compendiums can be found on the current compendiums webpage.

How can I view the proposed changes?

The proposed changes can be viewed during the comment period. If it is during that period, the changes can be viewed at 2019 GLBA Proposed Changes.

The National Park Service is committed to making all practicable efforts to make the park compendiums accessible and usable by all individuals. If you require assistance please call 907-697-2621.

How do I comment on park proposed changes?

Information on how to view and comment on compendiums is available on the proposed compendium webpage.

What will happen to my comment?

Comments NPS receives from the public will be considered by each park in the annual update of its compendium. It should be remembered that the information received only represents the people who responded. Also, public involvement is not a voting process. The results of the public comments will be used, along with the analysis of other information and data gathered, including input from the state of Alaska, to complete the compendium. Commenting is your opportunity to influence the management of the national parks in Alaska. Comments will be addressed and posted online.

Last updated: March 29, 2019