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Free booklets are available at the Visitor Center. They all includes activitie to complete during your visit at the park. Complete the required activities and attend a ranger program. Then, take completed booklets to the front desk where a ranger will check your answers, sign your booklet, and award you with a official Little Bighorn Battlefield junior ranger badge and a certificate.

Front page of Little Bighorns Battlefields Junior Ranger booklet.

Booklet #1 Younger Children - 5 years of age.

In this booklet, there are 13 questions. To help you answer the questions, go to the visitor center, visit the museum, attend an interpretive program, and read the park brochure. If you have difficulty answering them, ask a ranger for assistance, or have your parents help you.

Junior Range pledge for kids between the ages of 5 and 12.

Booklet #2 Ages 5 - 12

In this booklet, there are 11 questions and 2 activities.

To help you answer the questions, go to the visitor center, visit the museum and attend an interpretive program. The activity requires you to go to a headstone for a 7th cavalry soldier and an Indian warrior marker and copy the inscription on the illustrated picture in the booklet.

Front cover of the discover activities for young visitors.

Booklet #3 Age12 and up

In this booklet, there are 21 questions and a bison activity. The activities require you to go to the National Cemetery, Indian Memorial, and the 7th Cavalry Memorial for answers. Visit a park ranger, proceed to the vistor center, and find the bison display located in the museum to complete the Bison Activity.

Last updated: August 10, 2016

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