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Information and activities for teachers about Plains Indian lifeway's, events surrounding the Battle of the Little Bighorn, personalities involved in the battle and the impact of the battle on the nation's history. The program is designed for grades K thru 12. The information provided can be modified to fit most ages.

Students attending Expedition Little Bighorn pose for a photograph in front of Custer National Cemetery.

"Expedition Little Bighorn"

This program is ideal for classes desiring an in-depth educational experience. The goal of Expedition Little Bighorn is to teach students and teacher alike, about Indian and soldier way of life. For more information click here....

Students practice drills that were similar to drills utilized by the 7th cavalry.

If you would like to request an "Expedition Little Bighorn" battlefield trip, please fill out and fax the " Expedition Little Bighorn" request form.

Last updated: September 26, 2018

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