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Photo Gallery:
These icons represent the key sites in Lewis and Clark National and State Historical Parks. View the icons, visit their pages on this site and then visit the sites in person. The photos in these albums are available for press use.

Sound Portraits on the Fort to Sea Trail:
Almost 200 sixth grade students from Warrenton and Astoria hiked the Fort to Sea Trail last spring, and each one of them had a story. With professional audio gear the students interviewed each other as they spent a day with classmates recording streams, birds and short ranger talks.

Multimedia Presentations:
Lewis and Clark Film Camp 2010
Nine students from the Pacific Northwest participated in this year’s film camp. The students interviewed local and regional experts and gathered oral histories to produce three films.

Audio Tour of Fort Clatsop
The Audio Tour of Fort Clatsop was written and produced by award winning sound designer Peter B. Lewis for the Car Tours Foundation. The 50-minute audio program includes journal readings, sounds and music of the Corps of Discovery and voices of Clatsop and Chinook tribal members, descendants of the native people who helped the explorers make through the winter 200 years ago.

Oregon Public Broadcasting's Lewis & Clark Explorer Guides
Plan your own Lewis and Clark adventure using these travel guides that are sure to bring the spirit of the Corps to life.

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