For Kids at Lewis and Clark National Historical Park

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Adventure awaits kids and families in the new Lewis and Clark National Historical Park!

From sandy shores to hike-friendly headlands, we're all about hands-on history. Follow in the footsteps of the Corps of Discovery as you hike one of our many trails; check out and touch the fun exhibits at our visitor centers; call on our friendly and helpful staff to make this a memorable visit.

Step into the Fort Clatsop replica at Fort Clatsop and you'll get a real sense of what the Corps of Discovery experienced more than 200 years ago. It looks, smells and feels pretty much the same. In peak visitor season, rangers in buckskins, offer demonstrations such as muzzle loading and shooting, hide tanning and candle making. They're patient, friendly and used to lots of questions about the Corps. Check out the historic canoe landing at the site and consider adding a short walk on one of the nearby trails. If it starts to rain, take a break inside the Visitor Center, which features excellent films, a bookstore with children's books and games, and other displays. Don't forget to ask to become a Junior Ranger! The activity book is free and loads of fun.

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Kid Crafting Corps 2019
July 3th through August 28
Wednesdays 10a.m.-3 p.m.
Fort Clatsop Visitor Center

Parents and kids, join us for crafts and stories every Wednesday. The program is geared for 3-8 year olds, but all ages are welcome. Park entrance fees apply.
  • July 3 Let’s Make the Flag! Be creative and make your own flag!
  • July 10 Let’s Celebrate Seaman, the dog on the expedition! Visit with Newfoundland Dogs and make your own Doggie ears.
  • July 17 Let’s Bead! Let’s Weave! Make a bead bracelet and weave paper mats.
  • July 24 Let’s Read! Let’s make bookmarks! Select your pressed plants to make beautiful bookmark.
  • July 31 Let’s watch a puppet show! Make your own paper puppet!
  • August 7 Let’s Celebrate Outside! Dig for “artifacts” and make your own binoculars!
  • August 14 Let’s Go Bugging! Make bug eyes and caterpillars!
  • August 21 Let’s Celebrate - National Parks Birthday! Create a National Park Service Arrowhead shield paper arm patch!
  • August 28 Let’s Paint! Art with salt painting.
Junior Ranger and Park Ranger learn about Fort Clatsop
Junior Ranger & Park Ranger at Fort Clatsop

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Want to take your learning to a new level? How about joining the National Park Service Junior Ranger program!

Junior Rangers help people protect and learn about the Lewis and Clark National Historical Park. It's a fun program where you learn about the park and share your excitement with your friends and family. We'll give you a certificate, swear you in and present you with a Junior Ranger badge to wear, similar to badges Park Rangers wear.

How can you join the fun? Complete the list of activities on the free Junior Ranger Activity Book, available at the Fort Clatsop Visitor Center. That's also where we award the Junior Ranger badges.

Use your Activity Book to enjoy learning new things about our National Parks, Monuments and Historic Sites. You will solve mysteries and puzzles, play games, take part in stories and gather secret words. Most of all, you'll have fun!

What is a Junior Ranger?
Are you interested in exploring? Do you like art, science, history or nature? How about animals, sailing ships, dinosaurs or trains? Would you like to learn more about the national parks that belong to you? You could become a Junior Ranger!

Last updated: December 20, 2019

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