Book cover of Empires of Turning Tide by Doug Deur. Gray cover, trimmed in red with black writing. Illustration is a 1942 mural by Carl Morris "Lumbering"  depicts men working in a saw mill.
Book cover of Empires of the Turning Tide by Douglas Deur.  Illustration is "Lumbering" a 1942 mural by Carl Morris.

Empires of the Turning Tide: A History of Lewis and Clark National and State Historical Parks and the Columbia-Pacific Region by Douglas Deur with contributions by Stephen R. Mark, Deborah Confer, and Rachel E. Lahoff. (pdf, 18 MB, 441 pages)

Back cover of the book: "From the wave-pounded rocky headlands of Ecola Point to the still, shallow waters of Willapa Bay, from the wild and roiling mouth of the Columbia River to the high timbered peaks of the Coast Range-the Columbia-Pacific region is a place of rare environmental diversity and potential. Here, a succession of peoples -Native Americans communities, fur traders, Scandinavian immigrants, and modern urban tourists to name but a few - have understood and used the natural landscape in wildly different ways, each leaving very different imprints upon the land. Many cornerstone moments in this history played out on lands that are now set aside as part of the Lewis and Clark National and State Historical Parks. Empires of the Turning Tide illuminates the history of the many people who together have called this region home, and their relationship with the park landscapes, waters, and natural resources that continue to set the Columbia-Pacific region apart."

About the author: Dr. Douglas Deur is a cultural geographer, know widely for his studies of Native American land and resource traditions, as well as the environmental and cultural histories of National Parks in the American West. A multigenerational resident of the Columbia-Pacific region, he serves as research professor in the Department of Anthropology at Portland State University and an adjunct professor in the University of Victoria (BC) School of Environmental Studies.


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