Meet Dan Wiley

April 17, 2018 Posted by: Audrey Sisel
After learning all about interpretation at the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail Headquarters, we got to meet Dan Wiley, Chief of Integrated Resource Stewardship. He told us how he works with the Integrated Resources Stewardship Team, which includes the cultural resources manager, natural resources manager, environmental protection specialist, geographer, and outdoor recreation planner. Together, they work to protect cultural, natural and recreational resources of the trail and accessibility for visitors. 

It was his love for conservation that brought him to the National Park Service. Since he considers the National Parks the highest standard for conservation, it is the perfect fit!

Working for the National Park Service has been a dream of his since he was seven years old.  He told us how his mother had taken him to the Lewis and Clark Monument and Scenic Overlook in Council Bluffs, Iowa and how he thought the Lewis and Clark expedition was such an incredible adventure--we’d have to agree! He loves going out onto the trail and seeing firsthand the resources and meeting the partners responsible for the management of resources.

Afterwards, he helped prepare us for our journey by explaining the auto route of the trail as well telling us about the many wonderful visitor centers!

Man showing auto tour sign

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