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All told, these three trail segments starting from the Kettle Falls Marina to the Colville River and back total just under 5 miles (8 kilometers) and are relatively flat walking. To access the individual segments, there are places to park at the marina, Locust Grove, Swim Beach, Ski Point, and the trailhead at the south trail segment.

A pair of California quail pose for hikers along the Kettle Falls Trail near Locust Grove.
A pair of California quail pose for hikers along the Kettle Falls Trail near Locust Grove.


Kettle Falls Trail - North: This eclectic trail begins just south of Kettle Falls Marina. Along the trail you will cross three wooden foot bridges while exploring forests, meadows, shorline, and historical areas, before reaching Swim Beach, with its picnic area and playground. Deer, turkey, and California quail are frequently seen along this trail. Watch for belted kingfishers, great blue herons, and shore birds at Swim Beach. A side trip to the old Kettle Falls townsite is an option at the halfway point, watch for the Locust Grove Group Campsite as you get near. There is also a chance to bird-watch on the nearby Lions Island via the Lions Island Road.
North Kettle Falls trail pictures with images of wooden bridges with handrails, snow covered trails, and trail markers.
(L-R) 1. Ski tracks and a trail marker in the trees near Swim Beach. 2. The north bridge helps keeps feet dry when the lake waters rise. 3. Animal tracks in fresh snow on the middle bridge of the Kettle Falls Trail.


A pileated woodpecker on a tree trunk.
A pileated woodpecker hunting a ponderosa pine for insects along the Kettle Falls Trail middle section.


Kettle Falls Trail - Middle: Immediately south of Swim Beach, this trail is a short loop to Ski Point. This burn-scarred area is a good example of forest regeneration. Look for the many types of wildlife that are attracted to the new growth, including hairy and pileated woodpeckers, turkey vultures, and many other birds and animals of all sizes.

Visit our Birds page to download a list of the species you might see in the park.
Kettle Falls Trail - South: This section of trail starts south from Ski Point. Walk or drive Carson Flat Road a few hundred yards (about 600 feet or 200 meters) east from Kettle Park Road to the trailhead. Watch for it on the south side. Limited parking is available. From here you can hike along .75 miles (1.2 kilometers) where the trail ends at the Colville River near where it enters Lake Roosevelt. This area is a dense ponderosa pine forest with excellent bird watching opportunities. Species that frequent the area include bald eagles, osprey, cedar waxwing, magpies, and noisy crows.
A view of the Colville River, a cedar waxwing, and a bald eagle are shown as things you may experience along the trail.
(L-R) 1. A pair of cedar waxwing along the trail near the Colville River. 2. A bald eagle scans the shore near the south end of the trail. 3. Evening sunlight and cumulous clouds by the river.


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Last updated: February 14, 2023

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