two sandhill cranes fly against an open blue sly
Sandhill cranes in flight

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Over 230 species of birds can be found in Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area. The wide range of habitats found in the park leads to a variety of birds that call this place home. Red-tailed hawks scan for prey in a field below, while mountain bluebirds sing in the trees. Mergansers and loons float peacefully on the water, while Columbian sharp-tailed grouse walk through brush on land. Woodpeckers and crossbills are more likely to be found in the ponderosa pine forests of the Okanogan Highlands to the north. Pheasants and killdeer may be more common in the channeled scablands of the Columbia Plateau to the south. Sandhill cranes pass through the park on their migratory routes, while wild turkey might be seen year-round. The southern end of Lake Roosevelt is part of the Coulee Corridor loop of the Great Washington State Birding Trail, a popular driving route that follows significant birding destinations.

Whether you are an experienced birder or a casual observer, Lake Roosevelt provides many opportunities to discover and appreciate the birds of the area.

Birds should be viewed from a distance. Never feed birds or other park wildlife.

an eared grebe floats on water
Waterbirds and Shorebirds

The waters of Lake Roosevelt are home for many resident and migratory bird species.

a bald eagle on a branch prepares tor flight with outstretched wings

Some of the most commonly seen bird species, they may be seen soaring over a field or over water looking for a meal.

a red crossbill sits in a pine tree on a pinecone
Songbirds and Woodpeckers

These charismatic birds may be heard more often than they are seen.

a ruffed grouse sits in a tree

On the ground rather than in the air, these species are a delight to encounter.


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Last updated: September 26, 2023

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