Directions & Transportation

Lake Mead from Fortification Hill

Getting to the park

By Air:

The closest major airport is Harry Reid lnternational Airport in Las Vegas, approximately 25 miles from Lake Mead National Recreation Area. There are several other smaller airports in the vicinity, such as North Las Vegas Airport and Laughlin/Bullhead City Airport which are approximately 78 miles from Boulder City, but located just South of the southern point of the park. From any of the airports, car rental options are available.


RV/automobile transportation is how most park visitors get to Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Because of the park's close proximity to many attractions, many visitors are stopping at the park on their way to or from destinations like the Hoover Dam, other nearby national parks, or major metropolitan areas, such as closeby Las Vegas, or further out, Phoenix and Los Angeles.

Lake Mead National Recreation Area has nine entrance stations that you can enter the park from. For more information on where these entrance stations are located, please see our maps page. Additionally, all visitors are required to pay an entrance fee or display an entrance pass while recreating within the park.

By Public Transportation

There is no public transportation to Lake Mead NRA, however many tour operators are available to transport from many Las Vegas resorts and attractions.

By Biking/Walking

Bicyclists and walkers can get to the park via shared use trails, like theRiver Mountains Loop Trail from Las Vegas and Henderson, NV or the Colorado River Heritage Trail from Laughlin, NV.

Getting around the park

By Automobile:

Most major sites and attractions at Lake Mead NRA are accessible by automobile on well maintained paved roads. There are backcountry roads which are dirt and gravel and are preferably accessible via 4-wheel drive vehicles. We have a backcountry road map available on our Map Page.

Approved Backcountry Roads:

A network of backcountry roads has been developed to provide access to the lakeshore and other areas of interest in the backcountry. Approved roads are signed with a yellow arrow. The black number in the center of the arrow designates the road number. Driving on roads or trails not marked with the yellow arrow is prohibited.

Driving off roads, in washes, or cross country damages the fragile desert soil and is prohibited by National Park Service regulations.Please be prepared and cautious in the backcountry. Conditions can change without warning.

If you have any comments about the backcountry, please contact us at (702) 293-8990.


With many trails, backcountry roads, and paved roads, walking around Lake Mead NRA is a fun and enjoyable experience. Be sure to remember safety procedures when walking, such as carry plenty of water, protect yourself from the sun and leave an itinerary. We do not recommend walking or hiking in the park during the hot summer months. See our hiking page for more information.


Most of Lake Mead NRA is accessible with a road or mountain bike. There are specific rules for bikers to abide by so please visit our biking page for more information.

Last updated: May 18, 2024

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